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Life Events

Getting Started

When building your financial foundation, finding a balance between spending and saving can be difficult. Creating smart financial habits early is crucial. Sometimes planning for multiple life decisions can be overwhelming. Advisors at Y12 Investment Partners can be your financial “set of eyes” to prioritize what’s most important to you!

Building Family & Career

This is the stages where you are balancing everything at once and things may be getting complicated. Managing financial decisions now will have a significant impact on the lifestyle you will live during retirement. Why juggle all of this on your own? Check in with an advisor at Y12 Investment Partners to make sure you are on track towards your financial dreams!

Planning for Retirement

After years of hard work, you have earned the freedom to slow down, change gears, or start something new. Now is the time that income planning should be top of mind. Everyone envisions retirement differently. Let’s the advisors at Y12 Investment Partners focus on you!

When Life Happens

Good and bad, life throws you curves! They can happen at any time and you can’t be prepared for everything. But you can protect yourself and your loved ones. By taking a holistic approach, Y12 Investment Partners can help you build a strategy around the unexpected!