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A trust can be an important part of your financial plan. We can help.

Provide for Your Family and Protect Your Legacy

For many people, trusts play a key role in the estate planning process. By putting assets in a trust, you can make sure you control how your wealth will be managed and who will receive your assets, while also benefiting from certain protections. Trusts are versatile financial instruments that can support many goals. They can create tax efficiencies to help with estate planning and make it easier to transfer wealth to family members and others. Trusts can also be used to simplify money management, provide for a family member with special needs, and support charities.


Turn to Y12 Investment Partners for the professional guidance you need to put a trust to work within your overall financial plan.

We have experience working with a variety of trusts.

We can provide guidance to make sure your trust aligns with your goals.

Our team will work with your tax or legal advisors to make the whole process seamless.